Turkish Trade Society

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Welcome to the Turkish Trade Society, dedicated to the export and distribution of traditional, handmade, and specialty Turkish goods to international markets. TTS was founded in 1987 by the Yilmaz family, a family with deep roots in the Turkish countryside and a generations-long history of trade by sea and land routes. TTS was established with the aim of allowing unique Turkish products from all parts of the country be known and sold the world over. With a network of distributors spanning continental Europe, Great Britain, and reaching as far as China, India, and the Far East, TTS has established itself as a truly global player, providing a fair price for consistently high-quality goods.

TTS relies heavily on years of experience to carry out a number of functions that ensure a consistently high level of quality across its product lines, as well as to ensure on-time, fully insured delivery to any location. We carry out the following functions in-house, in an effort to maintain the highest quality standards:

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Freight Forwarding and Warehousing
  • Customs Clearance and duties
  • Accounting and Financing
  • Market development

Turkish Products

At TTS we pride ourselves on investing time and expertise in identifying the very best products, representative of a range of regions and regional styles in Turkey.


We are able to provide foodstuffs – both raw materials (spices and dried food, fruit, fish) as well as prepared delicacies and sweets, via refrigerated transport, for customers in the food services and catering industries throughout Europe and Central Asia.


TTS is an authorized dealer in Turkish antiques and collectibles, including but not limited to calligraphy and illuminated texts, original and traditional artwork, furniture and lamps, religious artifacts and items.

Handicrafts and Textiles

We provide Turkish carpets and kilims, furniture, lamps, metalwork and glasswork, clothing, textiles, and authenticated leatherwork from Turkish artisans.

Import / Export

TTS has learned that in order to provide the best quality goods, take full responsibility for their arrival in good condition and in a timely manner, all while keeping costs low and customer satisfaction high, it is important to be involved in all stages of the process. This meant our gradual entrance into the field of export and logistics. At this time we enjoyt the benefits of long-term contracts with regular, bonded, and cold-storage warehouses throughout Turkey, in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Germany, and Spain. With a dedicated fleet of trucks as well as competitive agreements with overland and sea-based international shipping lines, we are able to monitor our shipments almost constantly, and are relatively immune to the logistical difficulties that plague smaller firms with limited shipping options.

Our broad networks within and outside of Turkey, as well as an acquired expertise in shipping and logistics, has positioned TTS to be a leader in imports to Turkey as well. Utilization of our shipping lines in both directions has proved profitable and those profits are regularly shared with our customers. We are proud to be a growing member of the import industry in Turkey, and have experience importing raw materials and commodities, as well as consumer goods from Germany, Russia, and as far away as China and Sweden. Be in touch with us for all of your logistics and import/export needs to and from the region.

Kalmar Saigon Newport Corpotation SNP Ho Chi Minh City Vietman Container terminal operations

Customs and Customs Clearance

TTS has years of experience with customs clearance, duties, and customs regulations in Greece, EUcountries, and many countries in the Far East (including, but not limited to, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and Bangladesh). With in-house licensed customs officials expediting our filings in Turkey, as well as regular contact with official customs authorities in more than a dozen countries, TTS provides customs clearance services as well as consulting on customs matters, helping our suppliers and other clients to find the best solution for their needs – bonded warehousing, partial clearance, clearance of various types of goods, etc. Customs planning goes hand-in-hand with logistics and at TTS we know how to ensure that Turkey’s links to the global economy – Europe, the Far East, and the world – run smoothly, without interruption, and with the minimum of expenditure.